Wednesday, November 3, 2010

War and Darwinism

As has been talked about many times in class this term, World War One killed the Tory class and Tory ideals. In the past, wars and battles had been fought almost continuously. The change was in the technology that was used and fighting strategy that truly affected the view on war due to the huge amounts of dead that came from that war. The Tories, as described by Doctor Stephen Ogden are a group that bases themselves on ideals of tradition and conservatism, and are non-capitalists that are strongly anti-global. Doctor Ogden regularly says that there are Tory ideals still lingering, but there are very few actual Tories. Darwinists would say this is a group that essentially went extinct in the fight of natural selection coming to a head at WW1.

The struggle that I have with this is that even though Darwinists would say that these individuals were not able to adapt to the struggle for survival. However, how much of this can be blamed on technology and advances in equipment, styles, and technique for fighting. There is a difference between a struggle for resources and to stay alive, and being beat even before you step onto the field. This is why authors such as Jonathan Swift and Bernard Shaw become very important in their criticism of technological and scientific advancements. There needs to be a balance created between the types of technology that is used that could have adverse affects on the natural order and how humans connect with their natural world.

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