Monday, November 1, 2010

Response to Sexual Selection

According to Charles Darwin sexual selection in human evolution is based on human appearance contributed by genetic drift and natural selection. However, in today’s society Darwin’s sexual selection theory is not applicable in many aspects.

For instance, appearance can be changed by plastic surgery. Using many male pop stars as an example, they like to get nose re-shaping, eyes re-shaping, and liposuction surgeries to make their appearance more attractive in order to expand their fan base. Not only stars, but also many normal people also do plastic surgery to become more attractive. Thus, genetics can be masked by the modern technologies. In addition, a male with very good genetics (naturally good appearance), if he has bad daily habits, such as eating too much junk food and never exercising, his good appearance won’t stay for long. Instead, a weak male with good lifestyle, he can become stronger, and if he likes to do exercises, he can also build a very good body shape over time in order to attract females. It is also the reason why gyms are very popular for many men. In this case, it has nothing to do with natural selection; men can overcome their genetic flaws by themselves.

In the capitalist society, wealth means everything for some people. No matter how ugly some rich men are, they still can attract females with their wealth or social status. Even if a man was old, weak, or disabled, he can still get women if he is rich. In other words, it has nothing to do with their genetics or with natural selections, and it is a kind of modern social value. In addition, if a man only has good appearance but did not receive much education, then he won’t be attractive for most females. Overall, appearance is not the only condition for females to choose males. Females usually will consider if their personalities match or not.

Nowadays, the condition of a male’s wealth, lifestyle, education background, career position, and personality may all be more important for females when choosing their partners and these may have nothing to do with genetic and natural selection. Therefore, Charles Darwin’s theory on sexual selection is inaccurate.

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  1. Darwin through the ages. This modernistic approach really dates his theory. To say that sexual selection will remain static throughout time (and accross borders) is making a bold statement - certainly a statement that cannot maintain its justification. That is to say that what a man looks for in a woman in Asia, Africa, Iceland, North America, South America, Europe - is all the same thing and vice versa. Also, that is to say that it has always been the same thing through the ages. perhaps this is going on a bit of an extremist rant. But Darwin was an extremist writer. I like your post. it brings some very compelling thoughts to mind.