Monday, November 22, 2010

Darwin in the News

I was listening to News1130 on my way to work this morning and heard this report which I later found on their website; - It is a really interesting piece (take it for what you will) on just how prevalent Evolutionary Theory is in our society today.

Checking out the caveman workout
We were built to get fit in an artificial gym
Mike Lloyd Nov 22, 2010 08:24:36 AM
1 Comment(s) 0 Recommendation(s) VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Forget the Stairmaster or the elliptical; there is a new workout fad in town. Call it caveman fitness!

Greg Karver is a primal fitness expert with StrengthBox and says the concept has been around a long time. "Most of the time, when we were evolving, we were doing random activities in the wild. We weren't in gyms. We weren't in controlled artificial environments. We had to run, climb and lift heavy things just to survive."

Primal movement is all about mimicking those movements and Karver explains you don't have to be trapped on a repetitive machine.

"Maybe I'm outside at a park and maybe I'm going to pick up a heavy rock. So I'm going to dead lift a rock, then I'm going to throw it as hard as I can and run to it and do it again. Maybe I'm going to do that five times and then I'll walk on all fours. I find a swing set and I'm going to leap up to the bar and do a pull-up, maybe I climb on top of it."

Primal yells aren't required, but they're not discouraged either and Karver says anyone can do it. "Whether you are an extremely fit individual or you are a grandmother, it doesn't matter."


  1. Pretty funny stuff! Hearkening back to the last lecture about caveman and what we do know about them, that is they painted in caves, its amazing the liberties that are taken with the stereotypical idea of what we 'did' during the evolutionary process.

    Sensationalism at its most irrelevance

  2. I have a professor for a Communications class that states "Everything humans do is unnatural." It is very true though, we do not really connect with nature. However, in a gym with rocks is still not a "natural" way of doing this. If there are people that want to try to work out in a natural environment try building shelters without any modern tools, going for a hike in a forested area without any trails, or trying to catch another animal without ammunition. It is pretty impressive how strong humans had to be to survive. It is interesting that people want "natural" things, but seem to be afraid of nature.