Monday, October 25, 2010

Missunderstanding of Human Genome

In the last lecture, guest Professor Bruce Alexander mentioned many things about Charles Darwin. He said that Charles Darwin was a great person because he was not only a great biologist but also a great psychologist. He claimed that many later social Darwinists believe that social Darwinism is a pitiless and merciless ideology; however, Charles Darwin himself did not mean it that way, and in Darwin’s works, he actually shows sympathy for human being. However, in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, he actually claims that “one law cover all organic species multiplies strongest survival and weakest die.” In the other words, Charles Darwin did not see human as a higher species compared to other living things.

People cannot deny that Charles Darwin had provided a new angle for us to explore the origin of species. It also means that he pointed out a new way for his followers to do further researches. In his followers’ minds, they of course tend to agree with everything that Charles Darwin said, and they also make efforts to find excuses to explain or cover Darwin’s failures. When people look at the core area of Charles Darwin’s theory, they can find that even today, we still cannot fully understand the human genome, and that the current scientific understanding of genome only touches the surface of this topic. For instance, in the article “Misconceptions about the Human Genome project,” the author states that Darwinist-Materialist are delivering misconceptions about the human genome projects with misleading messages that promote "genetic similarities" between human and chimpanzees and hiding the fact that these are subjective interpretations which do not provide any evidence for the theory of evolution. The Darwinist-materialists like to claim that the discovery of the gene map suggests that “the fate decreed by God can be challenged.” This is a great misconception and deceit put forward by certain circles. In fact, the mapping of the human genes does not show evidence of evolution, not to mention that there are human genes with unknown origins. Therefore, this new angle which Darwin provided may be a misleading one.

One day in the future, scientists may find evidences to prove Charles Darwin’s theories are correct, but at least today, there is not yet any evidence to support that Charles Darwin’s theories are correct.

Ps: for further information about how the Human Genome project may be misleading, people can check the following website:

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